React Menu Project

Using React create Menu application, you can add to order and will change the data automatically.

Tools : React | Javascript | HTML | CSS 

Redux Instagram

Using redux create Instagram like application

Tools : React| Redux | Javascript | HTML | CSS 

React for portfolio

Using react create simple web application for personal portfolio.

Tools : React| Javascript |HTML | CSS 

Audio Transcript

Using the browser function to make audio to text, after you finish you can download PDF on your computer

Tools : Javascript | HTML | CSS 

Catching Cat

Catching the cat hiding behind the grass, see how many score you get!

Tools : Javascript | HTML | CSS 

Photo booth stand

Using media function capture image from computer camera, and play with effect, then you can download it!

Tools : Javascript | HTML | CSS 

Mystery Word Game

Using Node and Express make game for guess the word

Tools : Node.js | Express | Javascript | HTML | CSS

Robot for Hire

Pulling API then display for people is available for hire.

Tools : Node.js | Express | Javascript | MongoDB | HTML | CSS 

To-do List

Create a to-do list connect the database, so data will stay even you refresh the page.

Tools : Node.js | Express | Javascript | MongoDB |Mongoose| HTML | CSS 

itunes API Javascript

I use iTunes API to pull a sample of the music, depend on what audience search.

Tools : Javascript | HTML | CSS | iTunes  API

5 star review

Create a e-commerce website 5 star review application.

Tools : Javascript | HTML | CSS