How to troubleshoot a big application?
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Okay! Let’s put some your favorite music and big plants on, we are going to find this bug and kick them out of here! Checking the error log? a. Good error log will show you the path, follow the path, and see what line causes the issue.b. Google the error message, but remove your file […]

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Why do I start coding?
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I do not have a traditional CS degree, my bachelor’s in Fashion Design. What!!? I know! I love texture so much and to create a design was totally my passion, so what changes? I was attend some art market to sell my design when I graduate on the weekend, meeting customer directly was interesting and […]

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Developer/Engineer daily tools must have
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I’m not going to include something very obvious, like a laptop, the internet those kinds of things. A sense of humor your deadline might cause you aged 10 years. Notebook or whiteboard: Not all companies are nice enough to provide a whiteboard for each developer to map their idea and logic out, If so do […]

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