Why do I start coding?

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I do not have a traditional CS degree, my bachelor’s in Fashion Design. What!!? I know! I love texture so much and to create a design was totally my passion, so what changes?

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I was attend some art market to sell my design when I graduate on the weekend, meeting customer directly was interesting and learn so much what sell and location are so important! But those event require you to be their from 10AM to 9PM which is so time consuming. so I decide to put my design online, so I can sell in different city maybe to be international?

So I’ve googled around to create an e-commerce website by myself. end up with WordPress, because has so many resources and community, from learning and start making a website what a totally different world to me, but learning a new language kind like another material you need to get familiar with and create cool projects.

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So I decide to learn CSS, jQuery, Javascript and PHP to make my site stand out and, and each time I realize the power of technology and coding, just open the other world for me.

Lucky enough I got a chance to join a coding bootcamp in Houston name Iron yard, with experienced teacher and 3 months intense training, like I never image before. I create so many small project which is totally fun, and of course I theres time I so frustrating thing does not work like I want to be, but part of learning process.

Are you still with me? Go get some tea or coffee and come right back.

After graduating from boot camp I’m getting a chance working with an agency with some projects( see here), which super neat, then I land on a full-time Web developer job building website for lots of clients, totally dream come true.

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So why I change from fashion design to coding? A couple of main reason:

I can use technology to solving issues, make life much easier.

I love use technology to share ideas, products to people.

Development always changing, no boring moment, and keep our brain active.

I always dream about being a hacker in the movie ( Type Type Type, Deactivated the launch and Save the world! <— Let me dream, please!)